R.E.A.D.#2 Reading EuropeAn Drama Helsinki 25.-30.10.2015



Tuesday October 27th

6 p.m.


KOM-restaurant (Kapteeninkatu 26, 00140 Helsinki)


Launch of New German Drama Anthology 

r.e.a.d. SUURI MARSSI Lotz


Director: Martina Marti (Switzerland/ Finland)

Finnish translation: Ville Koskivaara

Actors: Mona Kortelampi, Jukka Vuotilainen, Mirja Oksanen, Jorma Markkula, Misa Nirhamo
Musician: Romulus Chiciuc

Public discussion after the reading

Rights: S. Fischer Verlage

in Finnish

“Most theatre people (of course there are exceptions) are arseholes.” With this dedication the author begins his ‘Great March’ through all the clichéd critiques of capitalism and entrenched points of view which have prevailed within the German theatre in recent years to become new standards. In the end he clears the way for a new, radical, anarchic, poetic and also helpless view of the world which tries to shake off all our expectations of art and the standardization of political discourse in order to conquer new ground.

The form of the play is a revue, powerful and extremely funny. An aggressive, politically correct and idiotic actress leads us through the evening. Subjects and guests include the Red Army Faction, Horst Mahler, Josef Ackermann, employers’ president Hundt, Bakunin, Hamlet, Prometheus, the author himself together with his mother, “reality” in the form of a group of people living off social security, the wish for immortality and a beautiful and unspectacular poem.

Lotz explodes the resources of the possible and exhausts the theatre with all its possibilities and impossibilities. His idiosyncratic form appears to be practically unperformable and will force any creative team into a tough confrontation with the author and the text. Anyone who directs this play will have to have a lot of ideas – they will basically have to reinvent the theatre all over again. This fills the reader with joy at the prospect of all those productions which anyone will dare to create in the years to come!”

                                                              Falk Richter

Wednesday October 28th

5 p.m



Kulturkontakt Nord, Ting hall, Kaisaniemenkatu 9, 00171 Helsinki



Director: Fabian Silen

Finnish translation: Liisa Urpelainen

Actors: Salla Kozma, Juha-Pekka Mikkola

Public discussion after the reading

In collaboration : Kulturkontakt Nord, Dramacorner, Nordiska

Rights: Dramacorner

in Finnish

“No one meets anybody” is a powerful, passionate and uncompromising play. Danish Peter Asmussen (born in 1957) is a language equilibrist who takes us on a beautiful and highly unsettling journey to the uncanny. In sixteen short scenes carried out with equally humorous, poetic and brutal encounters Asmussen investigates the relationship of A Man and A Woman who fight to maintain compassion, dignity and identity, when communication has lost its means. Apparently we meet two perfectly normal creatures. Nice, civilised citizens who are being confronted with five recognisable situations in any relationship; meetings, waiting, deceit, loneliness and endings. Asmussen uses language as a scalpel and he dissects highly complex and eternally crucial questions of existence and thus the damned notion of death. ”

Nordic Drama Train Jury: Mads Thygesen title, Simon Boberg title & Mia Lipschitz

In 2010 Peter Asmussen won the Reumert Award (Best Danish Playwright) for “No one meets Someone”.


Thursday October 29TH

6 p.m.


Hungarian Culture Centre (Kaisaniemenkatu 10, 00100 Helsinki)



Director and actor: David Kozma (Romania/ Finland)

Finnish translation: Sarka Hantula

Musician: Romulus Chiciuc

Public discussion after the reading

In collaboration: Balassi-institute, Hungarian Cultural Centre

in Finnish

It’s difficult being young and in love when your dad is a high-ranking official in Ceausescu’s Communist machine, your mother weeps all the time, and your brother is trying to kill you. This wild and sideways look at life behind the Iron Curtain during Ceausescu’s regime is a first play by  Hungarian writer Csaba Székely, living in Romania.

Do You Like Banana, Comrades? was shortlisted for the BBC World Service/British Council’s International Playwriting Competition. It also won the Richard Imison Award which recognises the best radio drama, generally by a writer new to the industry in 2012.


Friday October 30th

6 p.m.


Teatteri Jurkka (Vironkatu 7, 00170 Helsinki)

r.e.a.d. ILLUSIONS Vyrypaev

Ivan Vyrypaev: ILLUSIONS

Director: David Kozma

English translation: Caz Liske

Actors: Maija Paunio, Hanna-Kaisa Tiainen, Petteri Pennilä, Kai Bäckström, Maria Lindeman
Musician: Nikita Naberukhin

Public discussion after the reading

In collaboration: Cultura foundation, Teatteri Jurkka, Agency North

Rights: Agency North

in English

The production of ILLUSIONS by playwright and director Ivan Vyrypaev (born in 1974) is a fine piece and a serious research project at the same time. Vyrypaev pursues a complicated task by letting the primitive into his work – the genre of melodrama and banal narration from the third person. In many of his plays he tries to express the absolute refuting the relative. This time he exposes unfaithful earthly love calling it an “illusion”, looking for true and eternal divine love, he doesn’t settle for less. Another illusion, exposed by him is the theatre itself. The audience comes to the theatre hoping for the illusion of verisimilitude, expecting to be deceived cleverly, and Vyrypaev reacts to each habit of the audience in an unexpected way. The lights must go out in the hall, but they remain on. The audience wants to empathize with the characters, but there is no one to empathize with. The actors do not transform into characters and remain actors – orators, speaking from the rostrum directly to the Hall, and trying to establish contact with the audience. This brief contact, like eternal absolute love, cannot be imitated and it is impossible to be mistaken about it: love either exists or not. Such contact occurs in the ILLUSIONS, and it turns out that such a small thing is enough for real theater to come into being.

Elena Kovalskaya


Friday October 30th

7 p.m.


International Cultural Centre Caisa (Mikonkatu 17 C, 00100 Helsinki)

r.e.a.d. I AM A MOON


Director: Riikka Oksanen

Actors: Anna Andersson, Timo Willman, Per Ehrström

Musician: Ilja Lehtinen

In collaboration: International Cultural Centre Caisa

Public discussion after the reading

in English

Everyone is a moon – beautiful bright ball isolated in the sky – until you get closer and the craters appear.    A closeted pop star, a secret fan, a body full of hickeys, a window without curtains, an apply waiting for a wound… together weave a darkly humorous tale about finding the beauty of our ugly side. Voyeurism, sexual passion, jealousy, and the ever present search for connection and love. Following the stories of six characters as they navigate the complexities of their longings, the play weaves a poetic and darkly humorous journey into the beauty of our ugly side.                                                                                        I AM A MOON explores the ways Eastern and Western cultures try to construct beauty and sexuality through shame: the shame of being over-weight, the shame of liberated sexuality, the shame of physical disability, the shame of physical scars, the shame of being a victim of sexual harassment, and the shame of aging.                                                                                                                                                       The playwright was partly inspired by the life of Japanese pornographic star Ai Iijima, who passed away in 2008 due to pneumonia, and the social changes she brought to Asian society. Ms. Iijima was one of the first generation of porn movie stars in Asia when the internet didn’t exist and premarital sex was still considered taboo.                                                                                                                                    “This is a play after careful thought. It has brought about a touch of sadness, warmly unlocking many individuals’ hearts and their memories of growing-up.” (China Daily, March 20, 2012)


Friday October 30th

9 p.m.

 R.E.A.D. goes offline DJ:SNAPPERTUNA

KOM restaurant (Kapteeninkatu 26, 00140 Helsinki)




R.E.A.D. -emigrant drama workshop

with Kristian Smeds


R.E.A.D. Reading drama worksop

in collaboration: Ilmaisuverstas ry., International Cultural Centre Caisa