European Theatre Collective was founded in 2007 and is based in Finland.
The members of ETC are either immigrants to Finland or Finnish artists, who have studied and worked abroad for extended periods.
The ETC utilizes the members’ background in all its functions. In the past six years the focus has shifted from international performances to developing opportunities for multicultural artists in Finland and showcasing immigrant artists in Finland.
The ETC produces several performances a year and organizes workshops for different groups.
The ETC’s art and educational workshops are characterized by its members’ multicultural background and it is the only one of its kind in Finland at the moment.
European Theatre Collective functions as:
  • A professional network for immigrant artists: it strengthens and develops the professional network between artists who have immigrated to Finland, creates job opportunities and thus enriches the Finnish art scene.
  • A theatre based storytelling- workshop: The ETC develops workshops that promote positive communication and dialogue by investigating people’s choices and the consequences they bring through storytelling. The workshops are geared for different special-needs groups and employ theatre professionals from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Performances: ETC produces and executes its own plays while utilizing its multicultural background.